It is possible with our applications that there might be a residual smell for 1-2 hrs.

We use a proprietary 100% organic, all-natural treatment that affects octopamine, a compound that is essential to life for pheromone-driven “bad bugs” like fleas and ticks. Octopamine is responsible for regulating heart rate, movement and behavior in these pests and when they are contacted with our solution they will suffocate and die.

Please review our services and pricing here.

Yes! If you prepay for your service we reward you with a substantial discount. For Tick & Flea Control, please see our Pricing Info here For Mosquito Control, please see our Pricing Info here.

During the peak season, we don’t offer consults, but our office is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Applications occur Monday through Friday from 8am to 8 pm. You will be notified via email or text the day before we come out to your property.

No. You do not need to be home for your application, but we do ask that gates are unlocked and all pets are not in the yard when we arrive.

Yes. If we arrive at your door and are turned away for any reason there is a $49 Trip Charge to reschedule your visit with us.