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Don’t Poison Yourself to Protect Yourself

Mosquito Control companies are spraying pyrethrins all over NJ and PA and our kids and family members are being effected. Poisioning to protect makes ZERO sense.

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Infants and the Elderly: Weaker Immune Systems Means Greater Risk of Mosquito-borne Virus Transmission

As is always the case, it is those who are least able to defend themselves that need our help the most. But when we talk about the potentially fatal viruses spread through by the mosquito, one of the most concerning is the West Nile virus (WNV).

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Poisonous Pyrethrins: How Pest Control Could Harm Your Cats

The feline nervous system is very susceptible to the dangers of pyrethrins, and cats can become dangerously ill if they come into contact with the chemical.

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Pregnancy and Pesticides

"The results of this study show an increased association between fetal death due to congenital abnormalities and several classes of pesticides when exposure occurs during the 3rd-8th weeks of pregnancy.”

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Understanding Pest Control Marketing: Why "All Natural" and "Eco-Friendly" Do Not Equal "100% Organic"

No matter what type of product you’re shopping for, labels can be confusing and misleading. Some companies use terms like “all natural”, “eco-friendly”, and “green” to make consumers believe their products are safe, and this marketing tactic is so popular it even has a name: greenwashing.

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